Exploring the World with Reima: A Toddler’s Travel Wardrobe

In the realm of adventurous family travel, Lesley Carter is a name that resonates with a sense of exploration, wonder, and boundless enthusiasm. As the founder of Bucket List Publications, Lesley has traversed the globe with her son, Max, in tow, embarking on daring expeditions that most would only dream of. Max, her son, holds the remarkable title of being the youngest person in the world to visit all five oceans and the youngest North American to set foot on all seven continents. With such an impressive resume of global exploration, one might wonder: what’s the secret behind ensuring that Max is always comfortably outfitted for his expeditions? The answer lies in Lesley’s unwavering choice of Reima clothing for all of Max’s travel attire.

Toddler's Travel Wardrobe

Lesley shares her insight into the selection process of the best kids’ clothing, noting, “When it comes to toddler clothing for travel, comfort and functionality are non-negotiable. That’s why I turn to Reima for Max’s clothing needs.” It’s not just about style, though Reima certainly delivers in that department with their sleek and vibrant designs. Rather, it’s the brand’s commitment to quality, durability, and versatility that truly sets it apart for Lesley and Max’s adventures.

Reima clothing

Take, for instance, their memorable journey to Antarctica, where the icy winds and frigid temperatures posed a formidable challenge. Armed with Reima’s waterproof and insulated jackets, Max was not only kept snug and warm but also free to frolic in the snow without a care in the world.

But it’s not just extreme climates that Reima excels in navigating. During their escapades in hot locales like Dubai and the Galapagos Islands, Lesley relies on Reima’s lightweight and breathable clothing to keep Max cool and protected from the sun’s rays. “In places where the heat can be relentless, having clothing that offers both sun protection and breathability is essential,” Lesley explains. “Reima’s UV-protective fabrics give me peace of mind knowing that Max’s delicate skin is shielded from harm while he explores his surroundings with boundless energy.”

Reima's waterproof

Of course, no adventure would be complete without its fair share of unpredictable weather. In destinations like Ireland and the Alps, where rain and snow are frequent companions, Lesley turns to Reima’s water-resistant and quick-drying outerwear to keep Max dry and comfortable. “Whether we’re hiking through misty Irish landscapes or skiing down powdery Alpine slopes, Reima’s gear ensures that Max stays dry and happy, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way,” she says with a smile.

Reimas lightweight

Among Lesley’s favorite pieces from Reima’s collection are Reima’s UPF 50+ Rash Guard, Xylitol Cool T-Shirts, and Waterproof Rain Jackets due to their innovative design and unparalleled functionality. The UPF 50+ Rash Guard provides superior sun protection, shielding delicate skin from harmful UV rays during outdoor play. Its quick-drying fabric ensures comfort and ease, allowing toddlers to stay active without discomfort. The Xylitol Cool T-Shirt utilizes advanced technology, infused with xylitol, to actively cool the body as moisture is absorbed, making it perfect for hot summer days or energetic play sessions. Additionally, its soft and breathable material ensures maximum comfort for little ones. Finally, the Waterproof Rain Jacket offers reliable protection against the elements, featuring sealed seams and waterproof fabric to keep toddlers dry and cozy during rainy adventures. Its adjustable hood and cuffs provide a snug fit, while reflective details enhance visibility in low-light conditions.  Lesley says, “These pieces are not only durable and functional, but also incredibly convenient, making our outdoor experiences enjoyable and worry-free.” These Reima items prioritize both comfort and functionality, making them indispensable additions to any toddler’s wardrobe for year-round adventures.

Reima's collection

As they continue to traverse the globe together, forging unforgettable memories and ticking off bucket list destinations, one thing remains constant: with Reima by their side, the world is theirs to discover, one adventure at a time.