How To Balance a Garage door?

It can be challenging to open and close your garage door over time if the garage door becomes uneven. So, how to balance a garage door? You will learn that by reading this article.

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Balancing a garage door!

To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Press the opener button to close your garage door if it has one. Close the door completely if there is no opener.
  • Pull the emergency release cord downwards and backward to disconnect the opener.
  • The garage door handle is located at the bottom of the door. Take hold of the handle and lift it halfway up. When you release the door, observe whether it moves up or down by itself.
  • Then, Ensure that the garage door is completely closed by raising and closing it.
  • Whenever garage doors lower or raise on their own, they should be balanced.
  • Above the garage door, you will find the torsion springs.
  • Close the garage door completely.
  • Each garage door track should have a C-clamp placed above the topmost roller.
  • Using one of the spring’s adjustment collars, insert the winding bar of the garage door torsion spring.
  • The set screw on the adjustment collar should be removed.
  • You can then tighten the tension on the spring by 1/4 turn if the door is closing on its own.
  • To adjust the collar, tighten the set screw.
  • Similarly, adjust the other spring to ensure the door is balanced.
  • Test the door to see if any adjustments need to be made.
  • The ceiling track has side-mounted springs on either side.
  • Open the garage door fully to relieve spring tension.
  • Using the emergency release cord, disconnect the door opener.
  • On both tracks, place a C-clamp beneath the lowest door roller.
  • To make a garage door close on its own, raise both springs by one hole.
  • Reduce both springs by one hole if your garage door opens on its own.
  • Replace both springs if one is broken.
  • When the springs are moved, remove the C-clamps.

That’s how you do that.

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