Practical Things You Need to Know Before Traveling To Albania

Albania has a lot of spirit go up there. But, you’d need to know a few things before enjoying the tourism in Albania:

  1. You may have very comfortable inns within the basic category (with air conditioning, minibar, good and hot shower, fluffy bed). But this is the most you will get there. Forget design hotels, luxury and opulence in Albania.

Tourism in Albania

  1. The food is very easy to enjoy. On the coast, you can take fish and seafood. Inside, lots of lamb and meat dishes that resemble Turkish kebabs are available. The cuisine also has a lot in common with the Greek (especially because much of the coast is populated by Greeks). You will find Greek salad (with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese) and tzatziki (yogurt sauce with cucumber and garlic) at any restaurant.
  2. Albania produces very reasonable wines. But if a panic hits, there will always be an Italian to save the country. After all, Italy is right there. Ah, Italian restaurants and pizzerias are also everywhere.
  3. People are sweet and ultra-helpful. But, with the exception of the youngest, few speak English. On the other hand, almost everyone has a basic Italian.
  4. There is wi-fi everywhere. Instagram is guaranteed.
  5. In some coastal towns, you will have to abstract away the awful urbanization and focus on the blue of the Adriatic. You will also need to tolerate a good deal of cheesiness in hotels and restaurants. Good taste and sustainability have not yet been translated in the Albanian dictionary.
  6. Some nationals do not need a visa to enter Albania. You may be one of them.
  7. Tirana Airport is the only airport in the country and it is inevitable to make a connection in Italy to get there. You may flew from Milan-Bergamo with the Italian low cost Blue Panorama.