Savoy Hotel In Rotterdam – All The Details You Need

Rotterdam has become a top summer destination for a lot of people, especially the ones who like to check out the rivers and want to go through the historical aspects of a place. That’s because Rotterdam has an array of historical and art museums that capture your attention and leave you mesmerized. However, when it comes down to visiting another city, choosing a comfortable and clean hotel is essential to wind down after a long day. To help you out, we have a Savoy Hotel review in this article, so you know what you are getting into!


Savoy Hotel In Rotterdam – The Brief

Savoy Hotel has become a popular choice among users who are taking a trip to Rotterdam since it’s a boutique hotel located in the center of the city. This is a four-star hotel that’s known for its edgy interior and post-war history. The hotel building was reconstructed after the war and has been adorned with contemporary art and aesthetics, and the location is absolutely charming.

The hotel is only a few minutes away from Markthal and Oude Haven, which means all the highlights and hotspots of the city are nearby, ranging from Museum Boijmans to Blijdorp Zoo and The Cube Houses to de Euromast.

The Rooms

Ranging from the light rooms with Markthal view to balcony and compact rooms, there is something for everyone. The rooms are designed with guests’ comfort in mind, so let’s check out the information;

  • Double room with balcony – the room is designed with a double bed, and the other amenities are perfect for two people. In addition, if you get this room on the top floor, you can get your private balcony
  • Double room – the room is around 24m2 and is integrated with a comfortable king bed, making it an apt choice for two people
  • Twin room – the room has two twin beds available, which are decorated already. However, you can also request an additional bed
  • Family room with balcony – the room has a double bed, one sofa bed or a baby cot (whatever you need), and is perfect for four people
  • Piet le Blanc Suite – this suite has been designed for six people as there is one double bed and four twin beds

Business Events

When it comes down to traveling, many people visit Rotterdam for business purposes, and if you are in the same boat, it’s a perfect choice to host corporate events and corporate stays. In addition, there is extensive parking space available, and you can also opt for the breakfast buffet to kick-start the day. The corporate option includes Piet le Blanc Suite – the suite has sufficient space for six people, and there are advanced facilities available with jazzy perks. However, you can request more details from the sales department.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Savoy Hotel in Rotterdam is pretty amazing, and the rooms are spacious enough for two people (of course, there are bigger rooms as well). In addition, the suite is perfect for corporate stays, and you have the buffet food option to stuff your tummy!