Your Guide to London Bridge Tickets: Prices, Timings, and Insider Tips

London Bridge stands as one of London’s most iconic landmarks, steeped in history and offering breathtaking views of the River Thames. Planning your visit to this historic site involves understanding ticketing options, prices, timings, and insider tips to make the most of your experience.

London Bridge Tickets

London Bridge holds a significant place in the hearts of Londoners and visitors alike. Beyond its functional role in connecting the City of London with Southwark, it serves as a historical symbol and a must-visit attraction for tourists exploring the capital.

Understanding London Bridge

Originally dating back to Roman times, London Bridge has undergone several reconstructions and is now a modern marvel blending history with contemporary architecture. Its strategic location offers panoramic views of the Thames and nearby landmarks such as The Shard and Tower Bridge.

Types of London Bridge Tickets

When planning your visit, you have several ticket options to choose from:

  • Standard Tickets: Entry to walk across the bridge and access the viewpoints.
  • Guided Tours: Enhanced experiences with knowledgeable guides providing historical insights.
  • Special Access: Options for private tours or exclusive visits during off-hours.

Ticket Prices and Booking Information

London Bridge

Ticket prices vary depending on the type of experience you seek:

  • Standard Tickets: Typically range from £10 to £15 per adult.
  • Guided Tours: Prices start from £20, offering in-depth explorations and behind-the-scenes access.
  • Special Access: Prices vary; booking in advance is recommended to secure preferred slots.

Tickets can be purchased online through official websites, at the bridge entrance, or through authorized tour operators offering bundled packages with other London attractions.

Timings and Operating Hours

London Bridge is open to visitors throughout the year, with operating hours typically from early morning to evening. Seasonal variations may affect opening times, so checking the official website or local guides is advisable before planning your visit.

Insider Tips for Visitors

To enhance your visit:

  • Avoid Peak Hours: Visit early mornings or late afternoons to enjoy quieter moments.
  • Explore Nearby: Combine your visit with nearby attractions such as Tower Bridge and the Museum of London for a full day of cultural exploration.

Guided Tours and Special Experiences

Consider opting for a guided tour to delve deeper into London Bridge’s history and architecture. These tours often include exclusive access to restricted areas and personalized insights from expert guides.

Accessibility and Facilities

London Bridge strives to accommodate all visitors:

  • Accessibility: Features include ramps, elevators, and designated parking spaces for disabled visitors.
  • Facilities: On-site amenities include restrooms, cafes, and souvenir shops offering unique London-themed merchandise.

Safety and Visitor Guidelines

Ensure a safe and enjoyable visit by adhering to these guidelines:

  • Respect Signage: Follow designated pathways and respect any safety barriers.
  • Photography: Capture memories responsibly, adhering to photography guidelines.
  • Weather Awareness: Be prepared for London’s unpredictable weather; dress accordingly for outdoor exploration.


Visiting London Bridge promises a memorable experience steeped in history and architectural grandeur. By understanding ticketing options, prices, timings, and insider tips, you can optimize your visit and uncover the rich tapestry of London’s past and present. Plan ahead, explore nearby attractions, and immerse yourself in the heart of London’s iconic landscape.