Things You’re Not Supposed to Do in Japan

Are you going to visit Japan for the first time? Don’t know what you should and what you shouldn’t do during your stay in Japan? No worries, we have got you covered. Every country is different. What is normal in your country may be considered rude and unacceptable in other country.

Japan is an amazing island country in East Asia that is known for a lot of things from the magnificent Mount Fuji to traditional cuisine Sushi. You would be surprised to know that Japanese use “Nippon” or “Nihon” instead of Japan to refer to their country. Nippon means ‘’the sun’s origin’’ and is usually translated as ‘’the land of the rising sun.’’


Things You Should Avoid in Japan

Never enter the temple or house with your shoes

When entering any Japanese temple, shrine, or house, make sure you are barefooted. Japanese don’t take their shoes inside their home, temple, or shrine. This is because they don’t want the dirt and dust from outdoor shoes.

Don’t break the queue

Japanese always line up when they’re waiting outside a washroom, on a train platform, at the bus station, or even for the lift. So, ignoring the queue will make you look rude and not nice.

Don’t eat or sip when walking or using public transport

In Japan, you’re not supposed to eat or sip on the go because it’s not normal for the Japanese to eat while using public transport or walking down the street. This is considered bad and vulgar. However, you can do so in the long-route trains.

Don’t tip

All the restaurants in Japan charge service charges in the bill, and leaving a tip may be considered as an insult. So, there’s no use to leave tip after paying the bill.

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