How To Fix A Garage Door off-track? 3 Reasons And 5 Steps Of Solution!

So you need to get your car out of the garage right away.  But, when you pull the garage door to open it, guess what? Only one part is bending instead of the whole thing. It leaves you thinking about what could be the cause.

After doing some research, you found out that, oh man, the garage door wheels are off track. So, how to fix a garage off-track wheel?

It’s easy to do. The steps in this article will guide you step-by-step.

So, stay around!


Why do garage door wheels come off the track?

Most commonly, this issue occurs due to the following reasons.

  • Tracks are damaged: When the tracks of the doors are damaged or bent, the wheels will get off track.
  • Hardware is loose: If any of the bolts or nuts holding your garage door together are loose, they may fall off the rails.
  • Worn-out rollers: There is a possibility that your garage door’s rollers will deteriorate over time. The door might fall off the tracks as a result, causing it to become unbalanced.

How To Solve This issue?

Method For Fixing A Garage Door Wheels Off Track

  • Get a Hammer, wrench, sawhorse, wood blocks, pliers, or any lubrication to spray which can be oil or something.
  • Call a friend or sibling to help you out, as you’ll need someone to lift the door manually and disconnect it from the mechanism. And then, the person should also assist you in setting up the door on either sawhorses or wood blocks so that it remains open.
  • Be aware of where the door catches on the tracks when you open it to determine where it will derail.
  • Besides the sawhorses or wood blocks, locking pliers or grips can also be used to hold the door up.
  • Use pliers to manipulate the metal at the edge of the track to get the wheels back on. It is possible to lock the wheels into the track by reshaping the track edge after using pliers on it.
  • If the opener is not attached, the door should not open or close smoothly.

This is how to fix an off-track garage door wheel.

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How to fix a garage door off-track wheel? The steps listed above can help you accomplish that. But make sure you have some with you throughout the procedure, as the garage doors are too heavy. They might be too heavy for you to lift on your own.

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