Where Should Tourists go in Kochi?

Kochi, often spelled Cochin, is a city in the Kerala state on the southwest coast of India. Since a flood dug out its harbor in 1341 and allowed Arab, Chinese, and European traders to enter, it has served as a port. Fort Kochi, a hamlet with tiled colonial villas and several houses of worship, is one location that reflects those influences. Traditional to Kochi, cantilevered Chinese fishing boats have been used for many years. You can visit the following place, and while visiting there, you can stay at Airbnb Ernakulam for a peaceful sleep.

Where should I go and stay in Kochi?

Check out the Police Museum

As you go through the Jewish Town, a distinctive police station located in a historic structure catches your eye. This is the World Travel Police, which the government set up to help out overseas visitors. The police station responds to inquiries about passports and visas, assists with cab reservations, and more. A local museum that amazing the history of Kochi’s police force is what makes this distinctive police station interesting. Old police gear, like uniforms and weapons, is on display here. The Police Museum does not charge admission. The location is one of Fort Kochi’s unusual tourist attractions.

Visit The Indian Naval Museum And Be Fascinated

The Museum is a celebration of India’s rise to international prominence as a naval force. The presentation of India’s maritime history is pleasing, starting with the Indus Valley Culture and how Kerala evolved into the hub of India’s marine trade with the rest of the globe. Through captivating exhibitions, including 3-D paintings, the Indian Navy’s quick expansion and development from the time of its founding in Surat are depicted. The most unusual thing to do in Fort Kochi is to visit the Museum.